Wool & Cotton Kids Blanket -Chief Joseph

Wool & Cotton Kids Blanket -Chief Joseph

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'Tell us the story again, please?', they implored.  I pretended to be slightly miffed but then threw another log on the fire and began with the caution, 'this is the last one alright?'. - Diary of a Glen Shepherd

Designed early in the 1920s, the Chief Joseph design continues to be one of most popular blankets in the historic Pendleton line. It commemorates the heroism of one of the Northwest’s greatest Nez Perce warriors, Chief Joseph. His Nez Perce name was “Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kert”, which means Thunder Rolling Down Hill. The Nez Perce were known for their skills as warriors, breeding of Appaloosa horses, support and guidance for the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, and their peace efforts with the US Government. Its design is balanced with arrowheads symbolizing bravery and pointing in all directions of Mother Earth.

Made out of all natural fibres in the oldest woollen mill in America's Pacific North-West, this is a cozy companion wherever a kid's adventures may take them.

Additional Specifications

81 x 112 cm (32" x 44") 

82% Pure Virgin Wool, 18% Cotton

Made in the United States of America

Social Impact

A portion of the profits from all Sykes & Ainley items goes to supporting the work of The Canadian Wool Council (CWC). The CWC is a Canadian non-profit organization devoted to supporting Canada's wool growers and educating consumers on the wonders of wool.